Forthcoming issues

As RaVoN begins its third decade, some major editorial changes recently took place after the end of Jason Camlot’s tenure as Victorian editor, and the arrival of Julia S. Carlson (University of Cincinnati), Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow), Chris Bundock (University of Regina), and Nicholas Mason (Brigham Young University) along with a new managing editor.

Under this new team, five issues will be published in the coming year:

  • Open issue #65-66 (2014-2015) [with essays by Adela Pinch, Peter Melville, Rosamund Paice, Patricia Cove, and Melissa Valiska Gregory]
  • Special issue #67 (2016) on ‘The Two Darwins’, guest-edited by Martin Priestman & Louise Lee (both at Roehampton University)
  • Special issue #68 (2017) on Robert Southey, guest-edited by Tim Fulford (De Montfort University) and Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow) [with essays by Jo Taylor, Matt Sangster, Matt Jones, Tom Duggett, Ian Packer, Adam Colman, Jonatan Gonsalez, and Joseph Lamperez]
  • Special issue #69 (2017) on ‘Recollecting the Nineteenth-Century Museum’, guest-edited by Sophie Thomas (Ryerson University)
  • Open issue #70 (2018)

(More information on the content of each issue will be announced shortly.)