Current and Past Issues

903 articles and reviews have now been published in RaVoN since its first issue appeared in February 1996.

Issue #65-66 (April-October 2014) will appear in March 2015. It will contain the following articles:

  • Gabriel S Sealey-Morris (Johnson C. Smith University): “Written in Golden Letters on Our Temples: The Educational Program of Blake’s Tractates”
  • John S. Wiehl (University of Florida): “The Religious and Political Revisions of The Prelude
  • Suzanne L. Barnett (Manhattan College): “Harmonies divine, yet ever new”: Shelleyan Music and the Poetry of Desire in Prometheus Unbound
  • Leigh W. Dickson (Northumbria University): “The Mask of Friendship: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Presence in Lady Caroline Lamb’s Glenarvon
  • Matthew Sherrill (Rutgers University): “Dorothy’s Book of Botany: Names and Natural Things in The Grasmere Journals